Topshop has finally opened its doors in Canada and I am lucky to be a part of it! 

How To Make My Work Space Work?


I am doing some late summer spring cleaning. Getting rid of things that cause clutter and tidying up my work space to make it more workable. I have this exact white ikea sawhorse desk. Now how to make my over cluttered under used office space a little bit more user friendly. 

On My Feet

Just some of my favorite footwear that made it out of the house last week. Minnetonka Moccasins, scared a great new pair of tan vintage boots and finally a 70’s summer slip on sandal. Rock on Tan!

Platforms For Fall

I’m desperately waiting for these these Dolce Vita boots to be in my hot little hands. Might have gone slightly overboard ordering both the red and black but come on they are GORGEOUS! Thank you NastyGal and Jenny-from the block for styling them so nicely. 


Summer Slice of Heaven - Indian Point

I happily made it up to my west coast cabin this year! Savary Island is my summer slice of heaven. This is just a little bit of what I have been up to over the last couple of weeks; sunsets, butterfly spotting, catch of the day - crab, clams, prawns - me sending a quick hello to the folks I left behind, skylines and crafts.

Can’t believe I’m finished work. Last day hanging in the showroom with all the girls. Sad to go but excited for the road ahead.

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Rhodeus jewelry designer Rochelle Goldberg opened up her studio to Teen Vogue editor Naomi Nevitt and The Coveteur website team. Go inside Rochelle’s showroom »

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Florence Welch: Not Fade Awayfrom Tabitha Denholm on

Check out Florence Welch newest cover and music video Not Fade Away by Buddy Holly. Recorded for the new Tribute Album entitled Rave on Buddy Holly. I have the biggest love affair with Florence. 

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Tis the season for biking!

gardening makes the sun come out!

Been working on my garden so I can buy a BBQ and hang in my back patio this summer. Here is a taster of what I have done so far. Lots of hanging baskets are next! It’s officially plus 25 degrees. Rock on summer sun!

Inspiration 101 part 13 - Friday!